What do Suquamish and El Nido have in common?

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Suquamish, in Washington, United States and El Nido, Palawan, in the Philippines are two communities separated by thousands of miles of open ocean and are nearly opposites in terms of climate.  Temperate Suquamish, Washington is dominated by cedar trees, while tropical El Nido, Palawan, Philippines is lined with coconut palms. And, yet, they face many of the same concerns regarding the management of their natural and cultural resources.

 In both communities, the primary source of income has been shifting away from collecting the area’s natural resources and toward tourism. By facilitating this project, the Burke Museum will be encouraging stewardship of both areas’ fragile natural and cultural resources.

Through the “Ancient Shores, Changing Tides” project, the Burke Museum is connecting these two distant communities that share a common interest in preserving their natural and archaeological heritage, and revitalizing cultural practices.



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