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Team Philippines is composed of heritage advocates from the Sibaltan Heritage Council, El Nido, Palawan and the Palawan State University, Philippines. Our team members are:Image


Arvin is the tourism director for El Nido. Both personally and professionally, he is leading cultural tourism development projects in Sibaltan. He will convene the video conference calls and lead the tourism management workshops.  


Carmelita is the “barangay captain” of Sibaltan, El Nido, Palawan, which is the equivalent of the mayor. As such, she is responsible for all community betterment projects, including the “Balay Cuyonon” and the other cultural heritage projects in Sibaltan. She’s also Arvin’s mother, and, generally speaking, the community’s matriarch figure.  


Enrico is the president of the Sibaltan Heritage Council and a local community college instructor. He will ensure that the heritage council is involved in the logistics of setting up the heritage workshops and also attending them and journaling about the experience.  As president, he will head up the council’s work creating the exhibits.


Mimi is a longtime employee of the Palawan Island Paleohistoric Research Project and the local champion for the archaeology project in New Ibajay, Palawan. She is the unofficial/official Cuyonon tribal chief. She will provide a personal historical perspective on the Cuyonon settlement on Palawan Island. 


Robert is the secretary of the Sibaltan Heritage Council and a Filipino teacher at Sibaltan High School. He will be in charge of developing the exchange boxes that are sent to Suquamish.


Marelie is a college student at Palawan Sate University. She will serve as a project assistant for the Non-US Project Coordinator. Including her on the team helps us to fulfill our goal of exposing young students to the concepts of heritage management. She will assist with our social media and promotion on the PSU campus.  


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