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(By: Mimi Cabate-Cabral of El Nido, Palawan)

            Traveling along Northwest of the Pacific, leaving Bainbridge with a very energetic tour guide and Driver (hanks to Lace) and Mr. Wade Trenbeath, who accompanied us there. I can’t explain how happy I was that day to see forest (of Big trees of evergreen and cedar). The world must see this part of the earth, here is the greenery protected by the tribe. It is indeed a living museum, a mute witness of the highly spirited Makah people who hunted animals for food, clothing and shelter.

                   At Makah Museum, we saw lots of interesting objects, or copies of artifacts, gathered by this wise, brave and strong Indian nation. The whaling scene featured a painting, with men enduring harsh wave and wind, paddling against sea current. They’d brave so dangerous task, like what the man did, by jumping out of the canoe with a cord a knife whale, to prevent the giant fish from submerging. On the other hand, you can think of how hard is the cedar wood, which made into a pointed paddle, useful to attack the animal. Even the canoe has the ability to stand against banging the mammal.

      Now, I understand why the ancient Europeans, brave the sea, and the wars of this challenging………New World……Because it has a promise of beautiful landscape, from rich land, forest to seas.

                All I can say is:”Museums of the Northwest are the best to see.”


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