Blessed to be Visiting the Philippines

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[Post by Angela Flemming, Suquamish, WA]

Anxious, excited, feeling blessed… I’m not sure what those emoticons look like but I am so happy that I have been blessed with the opportunity to finally make a trip to the Motherland.  I was chosen to be a delegate with the Suquamish Tribe in Palawan, Philippines. What I can bring to the table is my unique experience as a 2nd generation Filipina that has worked nearly ten years in the Grant world for Tribal Government, has lived my whole life in the Suquamish and Kitsap Community and yet can give a neutral perspective. If they don’t need my perspective it probably doesn’t hurt that I understand a great amount of Tagalog and can possibly help with translation, if needed.

I was given the opportunity to open up my home and host a dinner for the delegates from Palawan.  Though I had no idea what I was getting myself into it ended up being very comfortable and a lot of fun.  My mom, Rosenda, enjoyed herself the most though.  She didn’t want the night to end.  I loved seeing my mom engage with everyone as well as there is not much more that brings her pleasure than when she can impress with her cooking; and impressed they were.  She was so animated and excited to chat with everyone and everyone got along so well. You would have thought they were long lost friends.  I’m happy to say that she will be joining us as we now go and visit the Philippines.

I’ve been trying to take a trip to the Philippines for many years now and am so excited that I FINALLY get to go but as excited as I am, I can’t say that I’m truly ready to leave.  I did go get my inoculations; I just have not packed yet.  We leave in a couple of days!

I can’t wait to experience the Philippines first hand and what’s extra special is that my mom and I extended our trip in order to visit our family.  We will travel to Palawan, fly back to Manila and visit family that we have near there and we will visit our family located in a remote village in Leyte.  I look forward to experiencing the beautiful Palawan Island with it’s wonderful history and people.  I can’t wait to check on my family in Leyte, meet my relatives by Manila and meet my Godchild, Precious Amethyst.  I hold my hands up to the Suquamish Museum Board for allowing me this rare opportunity and I thank the Creator for continually blessing me.

Salamat Po


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